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We are now living in an age where single-use (also referred to as ‘disposable’) devices are used in development and manufacturing of modern biotechnological products such as antibodies and vaccines. In fact the very first fully disposable manufacturing facilities have become a reality. Nevertheless, single-use devices still have their limitations. The issues most frequently discussed are the possible secretion of leachables/extractables and the lack of single-use sensors, resulting in lower levels of instrumentation and automation compared to their conventional counterparts. More recently new fields for the application of single-use bioreactors have been found, such as production of stem cell-, microbial cell- and plant cell-based targets. However, further limitations exist for these applications, such as limited oxygen transfer rates and mixing in high viscosity.

This conference will update the participants with the latest knowledge and developments in the field of single-use technology in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, examining technological, technical and economic aspects. The programme includes presentations, followed by a number of parallel workshops, run by leading companies in the sector. The conference will end with a podium discussion on risks and acceptance of plastics used in single-use devices. The conference will also provide excellent opportunities for networking and the chance to develop relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, users and regulatory affair specialists.

Target participants include:

  • those using or planning to use single-use devices in manufacturing and R&D, process engineers from the pharmaceutical industry and related sectors, specialists in apparatus engineering and facility design, and students in the fields of biotechnology and pharmacy.
  • quality assurance and regulatory affair specialists interested in an update and the chance to exchange knowledge on the topic of single-use technology.

By taking part in this event on modern biomanufacturing , participants will gain a better understanding of how to select the correct bioreactor for a specific application, how to successfully implement bioreactor processes and how to meet regulatory requirements.

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