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Monday 3rd June 2013, Afternoon

„Single-use technology in biopharmaceutical manufacturing: Tomorrow“

Microbial and plant cell-based

Session Chair:

Franz Baumberger, Biotechnet Switzerland

PAT and single-use

Session Chair:

Andreas Schneider, Roche Diagnostics AG, Switzerland



15:30- 16:00

Single-use and hazardous substances - from plant design to routine production

15:30- 15:55

PAT solutions in upstream processing to enable QbD for biopharmaceutical products


Rainer Glöckler, Lonza AG, Switzerland


Jens Traenkle, Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Germany

16:00- 16:30

Microbial cultivation in different scales in the CELL-tainer® wave-mixed single-use bioreactor

15:55- 16:20

DASware design: the comprehensive DoE solution for bioprocess development


Stefan Junne, TU Berlin, Germany 


Karl Rix, DASGIP GmbH, Germany

16:30- 17:00

Single-use technology and modern cosmetics

16:20- 16:45

Applied chemometrics enabling efficient bioprocess development and robust manufacturing


Cornelia Schürch, Mibelle Biochemistry, Switzerland


Andree Ellert, Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH, Germany

17:00- 17:30

Pharmaceutical production of recombinant proteins in a wave-based single-use process with Bryotechnology

16:45- 17:10

Next generation single-use SmartFactories: lessons from Silicon Valley


Holger Niederkrüger,
greenovation Biotech GmbH, Germany


Dirk Tillich, Finesse Solutions, Inc., USA

    17:10- 17:35 Optrodes – biotech’s Swiss army knife
      Daniel Riechers, PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH, Germany
Exhibition and poster session (Building GA)
Conference dinner (Building GC)


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